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22 August 1987
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Well now. :D I am going to go ahead and update this with all kinds of fun information, mmkay? XD

Okay! Here's some junk about meh!

Name Syndal. No, for real. That is my actual crappy name. >D

Age 25

Gender I hope it would be obvious, but just in case... female. >P

Occupation Full-time Restaurant Manager at Wendy's, on and off again, part time college student.

Dream To write a book. :D Doesn't have to be a best seller (though that would be fuckin' GREAT!), I just want a published book. :D

Hobbies I collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. :D I have invested several (coughaboutten) thousand dollars in them. Oh yes, you read right. XD;; I am a little crazy. But truly, that's my only real hobby. ABJD and... Harry Potter. :D Cause Harry Potter is my favorite fandom of all time! That being said... I do enjoy reading and I enjoy writing a great deal... but it's been a while since I've had the patience to sit and actually write anything but RP. >D

Location Brooksville, Florida aka Bum Fuck Egypt. :D I live in what feels like the middle of fucking nowhere, almost two hours from both Orlando and Tampa... making it difficult to do anything even remotely cool. :P

Music Had to add this cause... I actually have a favorite band for the first time in like, seven years. :D I <3 My Chemical Romance. They make me all kinds of happy inside!! Mmmm, Gerard. <3 haha!

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OTP aka One True Pairing What fandom would employ my OTP you ask? Harry Potter, but of course. XD One of the few fandoms I can turn my back on for a few weeks, even a few months and still come back with love for it!! My OTP would be Draco/ Hermione and death be to you if you don't like it. XD I didn't always ship Dr/H. XD in fact I was a H/Hr for a while. :P The I was all, 'Ya know what? Fuck it.' XD Hehe. But let it be know-- I am horrifically against Ronald Weasley o_< I wish JK would have kilt him instead of *covers mouth!* >.>;; Never minds. No spoilers for j00. Anyhoo. Dr/H FOREVER!!

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Relationship Currently single. Thanksmuch.

Dolls Annnd yes. Last but not least this journal is also going to store information on my dolls. XD Cause I can do that, ya know. >D I may end up having links to other people's doll profiles cause I am geektastic that way... but I will start with my own. :)

And btw. Whenever I refer to 'The Chateau', I am speaking of my house. XD Not my actual home, but where the dolls live. XD It's a Hotel/ Manor that I 'live' in, in the dolly world. Cause, ya know, the dolls have their own little world and identities.

- Eventually these will all be hotlinked to a profile. :D -

My Current Household ~~

SOOM MD WS Heliot; Rene`
SOOM MD Tan Chalco; Beauregard
SOOM MD WS Beryl; Darling Daughter
SOOM MD NS Amphibel; Octavia Rose Chambers
SOOM WS Dia Boy; Antares Abraxas Astigiano [Michael]
VOLKS NS SD-13 School A; Balthazar Campbell
VOLKS NS SD-13 F-38; Caspar Campbell
VOLKS NS SD-10 School C boy; Malakai Campbell (layaway!)
VOLKS NS Yo-SD Tanpopo; Ceceile Marie Daine
VOLKS NS Yo-SD Eddie; Noah Remington Spencer [Remiel]
IPLEHOUSE NS EID Evan; Dominic Sebastiano Moretti
LUMEDOLL Tan french resin V.2 Keid Ara; Vladimir 'Volya' Sergei Van der Vliet
CERBERUS PROJECT NS Lishe; Priscilla Jean DiPrano
DOLLSHE NS Hound; Gabriel Anthony Daine [Gabriel]
MSDOLL WS Drayton 1st/ CEBERUS PROJECT hybrid; Quinn Davis
DOLLTI NS Woo Yan; Vincent James DeRossi
PIPOS WS Rooney; Wee Beatrix Bun Bun

Coming Home Eventually...

MIGIDOLL Jina Boys(x2); Reese and Rhory
DOLLSHE Freshskin OE Bernard; Carrick
LIMHWA Half-Elf; Charlotte

Annnd yes. XD So there. You know me now. Like, for realz, this is all I got goin' for me! *laughes* I have a few RL pals that share my passion, have met a few online pals that share teh passion... slave away at Wendy's to fuel said passion... etc. XD I suck. Just eh... you know. Poke me if you feel so inclined. XD










pssst.... anything not properly credited such as icons or pictures, etc. is unintentional. XD I prolly ganked the picture/ manip from somewhere without remembering to grab a credit... because only recently did I even think of using any of this mess! So if I have something up here that is yours, just leave me a comment and I will cred you properly. :D! Nothing on my journal is made/ drawn/ maniped by me unless otherwise stated. XD! And the cute buttons at the end? They came from here! And the Zutara banners? So made by eternal_sea

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