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Balthazar Campbell


The Doll

Make Volks
Model School A, SD-13 Long Leg Body
Size 62cm
Skin Tone Normal Skin
Aestetics by Sarin


The Person

Name Balthazar Campbell
Age 5723, though if you were to ask he'd say 24.
Birthday Unknown, though celebrates it on October 7th
Zodiac Would be Libra, if it needed to coalate with his 'birthday'
Bloodtype A-
Species Human, as ordained by Lucifer as a punishment. Originally he was a Demon.

Hair A very light blond, cut short. He tends to be rather upset when he hair is messier than it ought to be.
Eyes A very bright and engaging blue.
Height 6'0"
Weight 143lbs.
Peircings None, though he is looking into a lip peircing. If only he could find time...
Scars/ Tattoos No scars, but many tattoos. His right arm has a full sleeve that clings to his collar bone and reaches back against his shoulder blade. Also, he has a curved tattoo on his abdomn, one over his heart (his most recent... It is to represent the only woman he'll ever have- Priscilla), one curved from the base of his spine and up his back to his left shoulder blade, one on his left forearm and of course one on his upper left arm. Every tattoo he has he finds inescapably 'beautiful' and that is the word he would use to describe them should anyone ask.
Figure/ Skin tone He is muscular, a bit heavier than his band mates though not noticably so. He's got square shoulders and a masculine look to him.
Typical Wardrobe Usually he is seen in a tank top to show off his array of ink and a pair of jeans. Black shoes are a must be they sneakers or boots. He tends to wear plain silver bands on several of his fingers.

Likes Tattoos, fish (koi in particular), music, guitar, learning, languages, reading, the color 'sapphire', silver jewelry, posters, small animals, slinkys, his own space, private conversations, listening to a really good high soprano singer (women), most classical peices (Mozart is his favorite), cats, body spray, cologne, the smell of a beautiful women's purfume...
Dislikes cell phones, laptops, computers in general, badly played music, people who try to sing but cannot, sushi, pastel colors, gold jewelry, large hooped earrings on women, large animals, fake hair, dreaded hair, disgusting hair in general, dirt and grime...
Hobbies Balthazar has only a few hobbies, truthfully. His most well known (to any fan of the band he plays in, anyway) would be playing guitar. He is known to practice for several hours a day if he is able. He still doesn't find himself to be particularly good at it (though is bandmates would argue the matter), so he tries to squeeze as much practice in as possible. However, Balthazar really does enjoy all the time he spends with his guitar and finds it to be very relaxing to simply play.

Aside from the guitar, Balthazar is known for his tattoos. While some may may argue that this isn't a hobby, Balthazar would beg to differ. Most of his body is a work of art and he's put nothing on it that he hasn't extensively researched. He takes something that sparks his interest... then runs with it. His tattoos all have a story or many hours of research behind them, thus he feels that his tattoos are, in fact, a form of a hobby.

Description of persona Balthazar has changed greatly over the four year course of his humanity. As a demon he could be best describled as ruthless, egotistical, uncaring and staunchly loyal. No one was above his master... and he would kill for Lucifer at the drop of a hat... and enjoy it. He used to enjoy bloodshed, feed on it. To tear out a human heart was but nothing. Balthazar also knew that he was untouchable. No one else had his power. Other immortals feared him... or at least they did if they wanted to continue with their immortality. He relished the fact that he was first of three... and of the three he was the most favored. He could do anything he pleased, so long as Lucifer deemed it fit. He had it all.

Then, he'd blown it. He'd made a foolish decision that cost him his immortality... his punishment was to lead the life of a human being. Humanity, while it could have taken him many different ways, showed him what compassion was. It showed Balthazar the benifits of friendship and kindess. He's actually turned into a rather quiet person. In the four plus years of humanity, he had never once commited a violent act against another... and when killing was your profession and life before hand, that certinaly says a lot.

He is expertly mannered and very polite. He speaks little, unless its to his fellow bandmates or Sora. However he has the deep thought of one who had lived a long life... and made many mistakes. Through humanity he found regret. Regret that he could have done all the horrific acts he knew he has done. When one is a demon the can feel no remorse. Once once is human... knows what a human life is truely worth... it's difficult to feel anything but remorse.

Balthazar often finds it difficult to express his feelings. No one knows of his past... and he wishes none of them to ever have to find out. His regret of everything he has ever done shows in the sadness of his eyes... but no where else. He has found it very easy to carry the mask of being 'alright', even though he knows it will never truely be, alright...

Balthazar and his bandmates

History Balthazar was made by none other than the Devil himself, Lucifer. Lucifer created Balthazar in his image... quite a bit like God creating Man in His image. Balthazar was not like any other demon created before... he was given immense power and free will. However, Lucifer doted on Balthazar and the young demon became quite loyal to his master. As the years past Lucifer was so pleased with his creation that he created two more... both hundreds of years apart. He created Caspar nearly 1200 years after Balthazar had been created. Balthazar took Caspar's creation well and taught him loyalty to Lucifer and many other things. Several hundred years after Caspar came Malakai, also known as Malchoir. Each 'brother' had their own distinct personality. Balthazar always remained the most loyal... and the most blood thristy. He'd seen the times when he could simply go to earth and destroy man and there would be no conciquences. He had perfected the art of tempting mortals to give up their souls to Lucifer... to serve the Devil for an eternity. He was truely ruthless back in those days. In fact, all three brothers had their own ruthlessness about them. Over the years the became known as only 'The Brothers'. It was well known to all in Heaven, Hell and limbo that if The Brothers had been sent for you... Lucifer had a personal vendetta against you. They were highly respected and well feared by many.

Years went on, as they always do. Man grew and became civilized. Lucifer to had to go with the times. No longer could they kill and destroy like they used to. Man could never know of what awaited them after death... not for sure, anyway. They had to make their own ways in the world... choose their pathes themselves. It was all about free will. It wasn't long after the 17th century that Lucifer banned The Brothers from killing, period. They were no longer allowed to kill without reason. Man was begining to get to smart... they would find them out if things got out of hand.

Balthazar was furious. He reasoned with Lucifer for years, trying to regain their power to kill. Caspar and Malakai were unhappy with the situation... but no where near to the extent Balthazar was. He saw man as lowly and pathetic. Why should the immortal and all-powerful Lucifer (and even God!) have to hide their existance from them! Humans should fear the immortals!

He bode his time. Caspar and Malakai grew used to the idea of having to 'blend in'. Malakai took an almost liking to the humans... he out of all of the Three Brothers knew the most about human kind and what they were really up to. Balthazar... never cared to learn anything about then and Caspar had no real interest. Soon, however Balthazar could handle it no longer. It had been hundreds of years already, and it felt like thousands... he hadn't tasted blood in so long, felt a human die in his hands, their hearts ceasing to beat as he held it... squashing the very last of life from it.

So, he defied his master. His defiance wasn't so large as to result in throwing out the existance of God and the Devil to humans... but it was still defiance. Balthazar ruthlessly murdered a small family, a husband, wife and two daughters. The murder had been gruesome and had attracted a great deal of publicity for its grusome structure... and the fact that there was no evidence of the killer. No finger prints, no hair not even a shoe print in the dirt. No one was seen anywhere near the scene of the crime... and no one had heard any cry for help from the victims. All in all, it was a complete mystery to the humans... one that frightened them.

Several religious groups got ahold of it, claiming it God's work for some such distained reason. Other's said it was the work of the Devil himself, for who else could bring such horrors about?

Lucifer was furious. Balthazar had been given strict orders (stricter in fact, than those of his brothers, as Lucifer knew Balthazar's tendancies) not to kill any humans. Truth be told, Balthazar did not even ask for forgiveness. He knew he was irreplaceable, even by his brothers, to Lucifer. The Devil would never be able to make another like him... so Lucifer punished Balthazar in the only way he would learn.

He stripped Balthazar's demon form and powers from him and handed him humanity. Once stripped of his powers, Balthazar became dazed, almost in a drugged sort of way. He had a physical form that he could not leave from at will... he was confused. Lucifer ordered Caspar and Malakai to take Balthazar to a large city in the United States and drop him off there, alone. The two brothers weren't at all pleased with having to drop their eldest brother into the world of humans. Malakai had spent time amoung them... knew what was within a human to do to strange and unusual people. Neither demon had ever felt fear in their lives... until now. Fear that their brother may perish before fofilling his punishment from Lucifer. What then? What if he was unable to get back into the Devil's good graces? Would Lucifer lock away his soul for eternity...? Neither brother knew... but the knew that they too would join Balthazar should they not do as they were told.

Balthazar has left in an ally in New York City, of all places. His beginings as a human were rough, to put it as lightly as possible. He learned quickly that one needed to eat to survive... to drink to survive... that the disgusting human body he was in made waste. All in all, he was a miserable excuse for a human. It truely humbled him in a way nothing else ever could have. He was beaten reguarly, having no idea how to physically fight back. He took poor care of himself... as he knew of no other way.

After several weeks as a human, he'd found an area to keep to himself near several large apartment buildings and down the street from a local club/ bar hangout. He never ventured near to the humans... and most stayed away from him unless they were trying to find something of value on his person. As the days past, he began to notice that the people that walked by him... were usually the same people. Bland. Disgusting. Wretched. Filthy.

One man in particular always caught his interest. Most days he was trapse by, on his way to... wherever he went. Stunning green eyes... and Balthazar would always stare as he walked by. The man, in turn, would stare back at him. It took three more weeks for the man to come up to Balthazar and introduce himself.

Darren DiPrano was his name. He'd quickly asked Balthazar his. Having never called himself anything but, he answered with is true name. Darren had eyed him wearily-- it was a strange name for any human. What was his last name though? Balthazar hardly remembered his brother babbling on about some such nonsense of humans having more than one name to go by. Balthazar searched quickly... and in a conversation he picked out the words 'Cambell Street.' Well. Shorten it up a bit and one had, 'Balthazar Campbell.'

Very strange indeed. Darren let it pass for then... and made it a point to speak to Balthazar Campbell every time he walked by. It took another four days before Darren decided to ask Balthazar why he was out on the street. He never had a straight answer for the man. Balthazar knew that if he gave away any more secrets to the Immortal Life that his punishment would most likely be far worse than it was as of current. Darren eventually decided that Balthazar had a serious case of amnesia. He invited him to come to his place and at the very least, clean up. Balthazar, having never had someone offer kindness of this sort to him... had no words. Darren ended up simply pulling Balthazar to his feet and helping him along.

Balthazar asked, years later, why Darren had done such a strange thing. Picking up a bum off the street? Was he insane? Darren told him that it was his eyes. Eyes that spoke volumes from the unknown. He simply couldn't pass by them anymore...

Darren did indeed bring Balthazar back to his place. 'His place' was actually a three bedroom apartment paid for, quite entirely by Darren's roomate and best friend, Vincent James DeRossi. Vincent had come from a very wealthy family... and due to a few recent developments of his own had aquired a great deal of their money. (Don't think Vincent was a bad man. At barely twenty, how can many be a bad man? He'd made several 'mistakes' and being the only child of wealthy parents... had been allowed a large sum of money to make sure he didn't make the same 'mistakes' twice.)

Balthazar and Sora

Vincent was wary of Balthazar at first. He'd never before really encountered someone like him. However Darren's then girlfriend, Sora had taken an instant liking to him. Sora didn't live with the two men, she had her own place. She'd never spent much time at Darren and Vincent's... until Balthazar came. Darren had to show Balthazar how to do most everything... and I do mean everything. He had to teach him how to bathe, use the toilet and even eat properly. Vincent often spoke of how strange it was to loose all that in an accident. Darren always pushed the thought aside.

Balthazar learned quickly. Darren always said it was because he was be taught things he already knew. Balthazar simply never told him otherwise.

As the monthes past, it was evident that Balthazar was no longer the Balthazar of the Three Brothers. He was this new item... Balthazar Campbell. Darren taught him not only basic functions... but how to dress and how to entertain himself. Sora also spent a great deal of time with Balthazar. She taught him about the opposite gender... and she taught him kindness. Without Sora, Balthazar would have wound up being far more cynical and introverted than he was. Every time he'd get upset or aggitated about learning something new, Sora was always their with a kind smile and a gentle squeeze. She thought of him as a brother and showed him affection as such.

Soon Balthazar could be amoungst people without making a fool of himself. He realized that the world ran on money... and money wasn't just handed out at random... and everything cost money. The things he ate, the things he rested on, the thing he lived in and the things he wore. He quickly insisted he got a job (after all, Darren had one!). Vincent had originally thought him daft. They didn't actually need money. Vincent supplied it all, for the most part. However, Balthazar was adement about earning his keep, so Darren got him a job busing tables at the club.

Balthazar always gave all the money he made to Darren without a fuss. Most of the time Darren would refuse it... but Balthazar would make him take it anyway. Balthazar always had a look to him when he wasn't joking... when he was truely seirous about something. Everyone learned quickly that you did not argue when he got that way.

It wasn't long before Balthazar's job had become steady... and so did his income. Darren had been teaching Balthazar to play guitar on one of his old guitars. They'd found that he had a real talent for music. So, one day when Balthazar came home, he had a brand new guitar waiting on the couch for him. Darren had bought it with all the money Balthazar had been earning. Darren also told him that Balthazar didn't need the two of them anymore. He could go wherever he wanted and do what he wanted. He could go out and find his family if he so desired...

Balthazar was touched. He'd grown to care for and respect Darren, Vincent and Sora in ways he'd never been able to understand before. Balthazar thanked Darren for the guitar... but asked if perhaps he could stay. He really had no desire to be anywhere else.

That was one of the only times Balthazar had ever seen even a mist in Darren's eyes. Even Vincent seemed pleased with the set up... and Sora of course, was overjoyed.

Perhaps two years after Balthazar had moved in with Darren and Vincent... they started their band. It had been Darren's idea to do so and when he and Vincent had originally moved in together they'd decided to form the band. It had taken quite a long time to really get everything together... but with the drive from not only the two of them, but Balthazar the band came together.

'A Dying Pleasure' was made up of five men. Vincent, the lead singer. Darren, the lead guitarist. Balthazar, the second guitarist. Lucas Frances Francois (a childhood friend of Vincent's), the basist and Marcus Itami (a man with orgins almost as strange as Balthazar's) as the drummer. The band was a great success. They sold millions of albums and had three CDs out to date. They'd toured many different countires as time went on. They enjoyed fame and a great deal of friendship for two years.

Then things got strange. In the middle of a tour, Vincent simply... disappeared. Balthazar knew it was nothign otherworldly going on. He'd found that, over the years he still had a sense to who and what was otherworldly. In fact, Marcus, their drummer was in Immortal playing a mortal. He'd crossed the man centuries ago as one of The Brothers... both had recognised eachother but neither had even spoken of it. Balthazar didn't know if Marcus had any idea what had happened... but he didn't plan on sharing it and truely, Marcus never really cared.

Vincent's disapperance sent Darren into an instant uproar. They were in the midst of one of their largest tours... and who could tour without their lead singer? Concerts were cancelled and fans disappointed... but still there. Darren immediatly set off to find Vincent. Balthazar was the only one to wish him well when he set off for his first flight. He swore to call at least weekly to let the band know what he was up to... to give any updates on Vincent's whereabouts.

So, Balthazar, Lucas and Marcus waited. They all parted ways, but not for good. They all knew different areas... and had separated to each search for Vincent where they each thought he may be. They were all in more than frequent contact with eachother.

Weeks went by... monthes, in fact before any word on the lead singer came about. Balthazar had been in France with Sora, looking into a School of Dance for her, when he recieved the telegram. It was short. 'Found Him.' Balthazar wasted no time in getting into contact with Darren. Darren told him very little of the goings on... instead he gave him an address in which to come to. The others were already on their way.

Balthazar was loathe to leave Sora in a strange country, but Sora had told him she would be find. She'd made arrangements for her childhood friend, Abigail to meet her out there. Balthazar didn't leave however, until Abigail arrived. He picked her up at the airport, dropped the two off back at the hotel and went straight back to the airport.

In the time it had taken Balthazar to help arrange Abigail's coming, he'd recieved a packet from Darren. A whole application to fill out for somewhere called 'The Chateau.' A sticky note was attached, telling him to just fill it out and all would be explained later. Balthazar lied a great deal through the packet... but did a passable job at it.

Even with the time it had taken him to finish off in Italy, he was still first to arrive. It seemed the others had more finishing up to do than he did. He arrived to The Chateau by taxi carrying only two bags and his guitar slung over one shoulder. The Chateau proved to be a rather swanky looking place. He'd found out that it was a hotel, actually.

Upon reaching the front desk he was presented with none other than the most beautiful female form he'd ever laid eyes on... or at least that's what he'd tell you if you asked. Her name was Priscilla DiPrano... Darren's twin sister. A long story about that... for another time. Balthazar had handed her his packet of information with a shaking hand, the sleeve of his jacket pushed up just enough to see his wrists... tattooed with black coming to rest on his hands.

She'd gone through his packet quick enough... and had remarked that his tattoo must be very large to come to almost his fingertips. Not one to disappoint, Balthazar had peeled off his jacket to reveal detailed work on both arms, a broad smile on his face. He'd had them all done of the course of the last four years and each had its own special senitment. He knew he'd impressed her from the way she acted. Sora had taught him a great deal about women... most importantly how to read one. Balthazar had been very lucky to not have had the chance to 'grow up' around other men.

Balthazar and Priscilla

Priscilla gave Balthazar a key to his room- second floor. She informed him that he was across the hall from Darren and that the other band members would be arriving shortly. Balthazar felt a connection to this woman... a strong one. Perhaps due to the fact that she was Darren's twin he felt that way. However, her face stayed with him everywhere he went. He had bid her adieu and gone to his rooms.

After a lovely reunion with Darren who he had missed greatly and a smack in the head for Vincent for running off like a fool... it was good times again. However Vincent had run into a great deal of trouble, which is why he'd come to The Chateau. A great deal of trouble that he was very loathe to share (though Darren did eventually share it for him). The band assembled at the hotel... but were stuck. No one was quite sure what to do... what with Vincent's... dilemma they were unable to tour... unable to even let the populace of the small Florida town they were in even know they were there. They all had to take precautions to disguise themselves when they went out in public... something that Balthazar found hard to do what with his very distict tattoos. A turtleneck was required no matter the temperture.

... and that is where life has brought him for now. Living at The Chateau with his band mates and several other misfits that had leaked into the Chateau's walls even before tha band had. He secretly longs for Priscilla... but won't tell a soul. He is enjoying life away from the fame of a rock star, but kind of wishes to have a bit of it back...

Things change in time and this is no different. Only time will tell what all is going to happen...

Picture watermarked by 'Unbenevolence' was taken by avacado. Thank you!!


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Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:12 am (UTC)
oh Balthazar <3
he would look really hot with a lip peircing XD
Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Why thank chuu. :D Hopefully one day I'll get around to it. Here sometime this week he ought ot be getting all/ most of his tattoo work done! *Squeeee!!* :D
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