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Okay, so I am still in Colorado but I have a few moments and I wanna write down a lot of whats been going on for vacation. Before I, yah know, forget 8D LOL.

Only Day 1 for now, as I am lazy and this has been on my screen for roughly five hours. Spent the evening totally getting caught up with the fic, 'Heavy Lies the Crown' by floorcoaster. It fuckign ROCKS btw.

DAY ONE; Travel and stuff.

Okay, so the night before we left we all got a grand total of say, 4 hours of sleep lol. I worked that day (thursday) for a whopping four hours. My store managers figure I could work just half my shift then go home to start getting ready to leave. So, I work my afformentioned four hours and then RUN out the door.

OH and the night before, Marie colored my hair. So at the moment I am a gorgeous redhead (Rose Weasley anyone? :D!!! haha). So yeah anyhoo.

I get home and begin the packinz. Stuff happens and I end up having to drive back out to McDonald's for something I can't remember lol. I go back home, pack some more and shower. Red is STILL leaking from my hair but whatever. It still looks pretty.

We all hit the sack around 11 or midnight ish. We are back up around 3-3:30am. YAY. We get the car loaded, get us in the car and head out for Orlando Internation Airport. (I HATE Orlando's airport, its confusing, big and just overly GEY.)

We get there, its still totally dark out but whatever. Take the little bus thing to the actual airport from parking and scoot on into the airport. We get our boarding passes (and are running late, mind you haha) and then check out bags ($70 to check four bags!!! HOLY SHIT!!!) and then waddle over to security. Thankfully none of us got pulled for extra security stuff and we all got through okay. We finally arrive at our gate and wait for the plane.

We don't wait long, in less than 15 minutes we load up. Finally on the plane, shit all packed into the overhead and whatnot we are ready to go... but we had to spend FORTY minutes on the tarmac because there was shitty weather in Atlanta (Our layover was in Atlanta). Stupendous. Finally we get in the air, on a shitty old place and father and I fear for our lives.

And hourish later, we land unscathed and dad and I dart of the decrept plane. We rush out to find where out gate to Colorado Srpings is and GUESS WHAT? They changed out fucking gate. We had to skip down three friggin' terminals to get to our next plane!! But, we arrived with time to spare, so we ate some lunch (nasty pizza, greasy and iccky ;.; i don't think I am much of a pizza girl anymore). Then, we finally get loaded up.

Out flight from Atlanta to Colorado Springs was in a much nicer plane. But the flight was bumpy and scary. I am a chicken shit as it is, but man. I just sorta laid there (well, sat, moving around and cuddled my pillow) and pretended I was on a bumpy bus ride. 8D it helped a bit.

We landed in Colorado Springs at around 12:30pm, colorado time. So, we still had the whole damn day haha. We got our bags (YAY everything came through!!) and dad ran and got our rental car while mom and I stood outside so mom could smoke.

Our car is a Silver Ford Explorer. Its okay, could be worse. It has like, 40,000 miles on it. 8D haha. Whatev. We loaded up into it and then off to Crowne Plaza Hotel!

We checked in and hauled out shit to our room. The people let my parents know that all the rooms are nonsmoking, but the room with have a balcony and they can smoke on the balcony. We get to our room... lo and behold, no balcony. Mom has slight heart failure. Dad calls and informs them that there is no balcony and they say, 'Oh! We'll get you into a room with one no prob!' Thanks aholes. SO. We have to move ourselves and our mass amount of luggage to a new room. On the other side of the hotel. -.-; YES.

But eventually, all is well. Hotel was nice enough. I collapse onto the bed and lounge. Eventually, we headed out for dinner at Chili's. Then, we return and I recollapse on the bed and die a little lol.

Mom and Dad head down to the little bar as a few of the people there for the reunion were down there. I nap for a while. I wake up, do my hair and makeup and... then my parents walk back in! LOL. My informs me shes going to pass out and dad said he was heading back down. So, I walked back down to the bar with dad, hung out long enough to get an iced latte (which sucked, but oh well) and then headed back to the hotel room. I pass out too.

End of day one lol.



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Aug. 20th, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Very epic! :D
Aug. 26th, 2009 08:26 am (UTC)
Aug. 27th, 2009 06:22 am (UTC)
then you need to come see me!!! Or get online so I can talk to yah!! Or let me know what days you have off so I can see you!!!! D:
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