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Priscilla Jean DiPrano


The Doll

Make: Ceberus Project
Model: Lishe
Size: 58cm
Skin Tone: Normal Skin
Aestetics by: Luts (custom)


The Person

Name: Priscilla Jean DiPrano
Age: 22
Birthday: June 5, 1985
Zodiac: Gemini
Bloodtype: AB-
Species: Human

Hair: Priscilla has black hair, in identical shade of her twin brother's. She has never dyed her hair. She always wears it long, but the style changes from time to time.
Eyes: Green, matching her brother's.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 137lbs.
Peircings: One hole per ear, usually with hoops in them.
Scars/ Tattoos: None.
Figure/ Skin tone: Priscilla is a bit on the curvy side and sports a creamy, somewhat pale skintone.
Typical Wardrobe: She is never seen in pants, always a skirt. Priscilla prides herself on her femininity and thus is usually dressed as such. She always has a sort of elegant look to her, never going to over the top and never to casual either. Typically she is seen in high heels which adds to her already unusual tallness. Priscilla finds that people find her very intimidating...

Likes: organization, the sea, darkered hued colors, styling her hair, iced coffee, tattoos (though she doesn't have any), cleanliness, angelfood cake, strawberries, pillows, blankets, quilts, Fiji brand water, being outside, enjoying Balthazar's company.
Dislikes: loud noises, the dark, elderly people, dogs, small animals that need to be kept in cages, cleaning any small animals cages, fizzy beverages, fried food, soap operas, cooking, reckless drivers, liars, when her hair is unmanagable, rudeness, presumtions, things not going her way, being opposed, seeing a docter for any reason, nightmares, horror movies.
Hobbies: keeping track of the Chateau, watching old movies, taking photographes,
Description of persona: Priscilla, depending upon the situation you meet her in, can come across in two different ways. One, she is calm, kind and optimistic. Or two, she is frighteningly scary and quite mean. If you meet her on good terms (also known as, her terms) she will go out of her way to be nice. However if you are someone she has deemed as unwelcome she won't hesitate to let you know. Priscilla isn't the type of person to just let things slip by, If something she doesn't like is going on, she will sya something... and she will be right quick about it.

Priscilla is also somewhat mentally unstable. While very few have seen her when her 'moments' come (she is very careful to keep herself reeled in until she is alone) she does have them. She likes to be in control of her surroundings and likes things to go in a way she deems comfortable. If things go awry she gets unnerved very quickly. She actually has a bit of a history with this mental 'illness' and it isn't pleasent.

Aside from that though, in general she is a very caring person. It's very difficult to gain her trust, but if you have it she'll fight tooth and nail for you. She has a great smile and if she is in a good mood, she is quick to laugh. She very much cares for the younger people who live at and frequent the Chateau and especially goes out of her way for them. Ask any of the young'uns and they'll be sure to tell you who their favorite 'adult' is.

History: Priscilla was born to two parents, as most children are. She was born four minutes behind her twin brother, Darren. They lived the peaceful life of young children for about five years. For their fifth birthday, each twin was given a necklace. The necklaces' pendants looked as if they had been broken apart to make the two separete pendants. Priscilla wore a peice with a small pearl and Darrne a peice with a bit of obsidian. They were to signify two very different peices of one whole.

Priscilla isn't quite sure when... or even what actually happened but sometime after the twins fifth birthday their parents were killed. It's speculated that it was murder, however no one ever gave either twin a good idea of what happened or what went on during that time. They had no immediate family, so they were put into an orphanage... and from there into several foster homes.

Darren was always a helion. He liked causing trouble and aggrivating their foster parents. Priscilla was far less reckless, but alwasy two steps behind him telling him she best follow, else he get himself killed. Darren was the main reason that they two always had to switch foster homes, but neither tended to mind. They always had eachother.

Priscilla and Darren

When the twins were eight, Priscilla was adopted. Typically siblings, twins especially, are tried to be kept together. However, things simply didn't work out that way. The family could only afford one child and only wanted one, a girl, a they had fallen in love with Priscilla. Darren, knowing his sister had a good thing when he saw it, sent her off with well wishes and a promise to keep in touch. They were twins after all, they couldn't very well forget eachother!

Several years went by. Priscilla kept in close contact with Darren until they were thirteen. Darren had switched foster homes several times in a short time and the adoption agency and orphanage that he was sponsered by was overwhelmed with children younger than him. Eventually his contact records were lost amidst the sea of paperwork and Priscilla's adoptive parents decided to move to a different state. Priscilla was devistated. She begged her parents to let her search again, to go to Darren old foster parents. They allowed this, but no one knew where the child had gone. He'd just been taken 'somewhere else.' Priscilla, as well as her parents fought with the agency for several monthes about his location, but the agency kept giving them excuses.

Priscilla eventually moved with her parents three states away. She had no way to get ahold of Darren and no way to even find him. For two years she called the agency relentlessly seeing if they'd sent him somewhere new, or if they had any record of his current whereabouts.

Sometime after she turned sixteen she gave up. She let her sadness get the better of her and depression crept it's way into her life. She began to think that it was possible that Darren wasn't even alive. It was a stretch, this was true... but at least she had parents he could have looked up. If she was working so hard to get ahold of him, he should have been doing the same! She fought with herself daily over whether she should be angry that he wasn't doing more to get ahold of her, or whether she ought to be depressed because he could very well not even be alive without her there to keep him out of trouble...

Soon she met Emilie. Emilie was a bright, overly kind and upbeat person. She and Priscilla became fast friends and soon welcomed Samiya into their lives as well. The three girls were very close throughout highschool... and eventually founded a small group. Two young men, Gabriel and Hunter also found their way into their circle. It was very rare to see any of them without the others in tow.

Priscilla and Emilie

High school went by fairly quickly. During her sophmore year, Gabriel and Priscilla began dating. They were very close throughout highschool and shared everything. Once the group graduated, Emilie moved abroad with her family (her father was in the military and they moved with him), Hunter and Samiya each founds themselves apartments and Gabriel and Priscilla moved in together. It wasn't odd for all of them to be at Gaberiel and Priscilla's apartment just hanging out after work.

Almost two years went by. Samiya always spent a great deal of time over at Priscilla and Gabriel's home, as she was in college and Priscilla and Gabriel's just happened to be closer to her campus. Priscilla would help her study and a lot of times, Samiya would crash on the couch. One day, while on her way to classes Samiya happened by the bar Hunter was working at. This wasn't an unusual occurance as the bar was not only on the way but pretty popular amoungst the college crowd. What was unusual though, was that Samiya happened to stop it. She'd never been one to drink, but figured she'd swing in and say 'hey' to Hunter, who she hadn't spoken to in a while.

She caught Gabriel with another woman while she was walking in the door. She thought she'd slipped out unnoticed, but Gabriel had seen her... and let her go. He knew he was going to get caught.

Samiya immediatly went to Priscilla, tears in her eyes for her friend. Priscilla was taken aback, but not shocked. She'd felt something had been going on... but wouldn't let herself acknowledge it without some sort of proof. Samiya was a friend of not only hers, but Gabriel's. She wouldn't lie to pit one against the other. Priscilla finally had the proof she needed.

Gabriel came home about two hours later to Priscilla packing a duffel bag. Samiya had sat with her for a while before rushing to class... and giving Priscilla the key to her apartment. Gabriel was silent as Priscilla packed only those things she treasued enough to carry with her. 'I hope she was worth it' were her last words to him. He said nothing as he watched her leave with sad eyes.

Priscilla left and went to Samiya's. However, she didn't stay there long. Being close to Gabriel, to the places they'd often frequented together... even being the the same town they'd both went ot highschool in was difficult for her. Eventually she got ahold of Emilie of whom she and Samiya had been keeping in regular contact with. Emilie invited her to move go and stay with her for a while. Priscilla decided it was a great idea and with well wishes from Samiya bought her one way ticket to Germany.

Priscilla spent a lot of time abroad with Emilie. The two traveled quite extensivly, always keeping in contact with Samiya and Samiya kept them informed on what went on in their town.

Finally, over a year after Priscilla had left, she recieved a rather distressing call from Samiya. Gabriel was in the hospital. Now, Priscilla had been keeping up with Gabriel's issues... and since she had left him, he'd had a lot. She had been affected (she still cared for him, even though he'd hurt her badly), but not enough to return to the States. He'd been arrested several times and had even served jail time. He'd become an alcholic and Samiya had said she was sure he was doing drugs... So when Priscilla got the phone call that he was in the hospital in critical condition... she made her flight reservations back to the states.

She visited the hospital once and had met Hunter there. Gabriel had been in a drug induced coma for several days. He was currently feeling the aftereffects of over a year of abusing alchol and heroin... and crashing a car into a drainage ditch. He spent three weeks in the hospital before the doctor's had declared he would make a full recovery... and be facing felony charges for drugs and theft. However, there was one loop hole. He would be allowed to leave without charges, but he would have to attended a specialized drug rehabilitation clinic. Hunter ended up making the decision for him, as Gabriel wasn't in the state of mind to even answer.

Gabriel was taken to The Chateau, a hotel several towns away. The hotel was large for the small town it was in, but was quiet. It was on the outskirts of town and therefore didn't see a great deal of business. The owners of The Chateau had decided to allow Gabriel residence in their hotel. He would not be allowed to leave and for quite sometime he wasn't even allowed out of the building. Hunter evenutally moved into the closest apartment complex to the grounds so he could be near to his friend.

Priscilla had moved back in with Samiya through all this, Hunter keeping her updated on Gabriel's condition while he was in the hospital. Samiya berated Priscilla for coming back 'just for him' but Priscilla said she didn't have it in her to let him die thinking she hated him.

A few monthes after Gabriel moved into the Chateau, Priscilla inquired about work there. The owners eagerly accepted her as their secratary and hostess. It would be Priscilla's job to oversee all the guests coming into the hotel and she was free to move into one of the rooms should it suite her.

In fact, she decided that would suite her just fine and she did just that. She moved into the room across from Gabriel's, actually. It took several days for them to run into eachother. (Priscilla actually met the other permanent resident of The Chateau first. Babette had been orphaned and allowed to live in the Chateau under the guidance of the owners instead of being forced into an orphanage only to be tossed out several months later when she turned eighteen.)

Gabriel was stunned upon seeing her again and was positivly littered with apologies for her. Gabriel made many promises and many pleas... but in the end Priscilla did deny him. She still cared a great deal for him and he'd always have a special place in her heart... but she would never take him back. She told him, very bluntly, that she could never trust him again.

It was a tortured first few weeks for Gabriel, but eventually they fell back into a routine. Priscilla was always there... and she was actually quite approachable. That's not to say that they didn't have a grat deal of arguments, because they did. Priscilla raised a hand to him on several occasions, but Gabriel never did to her. Things quieted though and everyone got on with their lives. Priscilla and Gabriel regained a friendship they'd lost through their relationship. Priscilla also gained a very real loved for Babette as well and spoiled her.

Time went by, as it is prone to doing. Then a man named Vincent DiRossi came to The Chateau. Upon his arrival, Priscilla didn't care for him. He seemed as if he had something to hide and if he were running from something... both of which were very true. Priscilla threatened him on more than one occassion, but eventually he gained permission to stay at the Chateau on a more permentant basis when he overstepped Priscilla and went to the owners. Priscilla was saited with a detailed file on why he was at the Chateau and signed documentation that stated 'Should she (Priscilla) ever feel that by Vincent living at the Chateau has put anyone staying there in danger he was to be immediatly expelled.'

After Vincent was admitted, Priscilla decided on a strict rule to who would be allowed to live at the Chateau. Anyone could stay for a period, of course, however to have a permanent residence one must get the proper paperwork filled out and get the stamp of approval from Priscilla. The owners liked the idea, as Priscilla (while controlling and somewhat obsessive) only made the decision based on the fact that she didn't want anything bad happening to her current residents.

Not long after Vincent arrived, someone new arrived. She'd seen him enter the building during the evening, Vincent seeming rather nervous. Priscilla was already aggitated at Vincent being able to stay... and now he was bringing friends? She would not have it.

The next morning was an eventful one. The man that had come back to The Chateau the prior evening with Vincent was now at her front desk, informing her that three others would be arriving shortly. Priscilla was quick to tell him that none of them would be staying long. She would not have it.

After a battle of wits, Priscilla actually pushed the man into the wall. She was nearly as tall as he was and had a grip just as tight. After small scuffle, Priscilla stood, staring at the man. A pendant had tumbled fom his shirt as he stood three feet away from her, panting and glaring. He was then met with sharp screaming and accusations. Where did he get that pendant? He was a theif! Who had he stolen that from! He told her, rather rudely, that she was to step off as it had been given to him as part of a set. It wasn't any of her business anyway.

Priscilla then pulled her own pendant from her blouse. She yelled some more. Her twins eyes matched hers and this man had blue eyes. The man did nothing except take the contact out and drop them to the floor. They stared at one another for several long moments each of them trying to grasp just how impossible all of it was.

It ended with Priscilla crying in Darren's arms and Darren deciding she wasn't irrevocable insane... just his sister (which explained it all). After a long discussion about what was happening... Priscilla decided she couldn't very well turn away her brother... and if he was to be coming in so were three others. She wasn't pleased with the situation but her unhappiness at that was drown by the fact that she had her twin back in her life. He too however was to fill out the large stack of papers... as was the rest of his friends, which actually turned out to be his bandmates. Turns out he was the lead guitarist in a very popular band... that Priscilla had never heard of. She'd never been one for the punk rock music scene... and that was where they had gained fame.

Days later, the three other bands mates arrive. The first to arrive was a heavily tattooed blonde named Balthazar Campbell. Priscilla had been immediatly smitten with his quiet, but charming demeanor. His tattoos were artwork rather than a jumble of strange drawings and he was talented to boot. She tended to go out of her way (and he, his) just to cross pathes with him during the day.

Priscilla and Balthazar

Soon after Marcus Itami and Lucas Francois, the drummer and bassit respectively, arrived. Priscilla got along decently well with both men. Everyone turned in the appropriate paperwork (much of which was forged, it turns out...) and thus everyone was allowed a room.

Priscilla had never thought she could find it in her heart to care about someone the way she'd cared about Gabriel. However the more time she spent with Balthazar, the more she felt her heart soften.

She'd had nightmares ever since she'd been separated from Darren. They'd lessened when she was with Gabriel, but once they split they'd returned. She spent a lot of time filling her days with so much to do that she was so exhausted by the end of the day she didn't have it in her to dream. Once she returned to the states, her nigthmares were enough to keep her awake at night. Once she was reunited with Darren she figured that they would stop... but they didn't. The drove her insane, one of the many things that makes her feel the need to control everything she can.

She was prone to staying in the living area that all the permanent residents shared (everyone who lived there stayed on the second floor, of which had it's own community area with several couches and a television) and keeping the TV on all night... or at least until she couldn't stand it anymore and succumbed to fitfull sleep. It seemed to get worse for a while.

Balthazar had a habit of typically waking up every night around two am. Usually he wandered to the kitchens to grab a drink or a snack. He always saw the TV flickering down the hallway and didn't pay it much mind the first few nights. However, soon he checked in to see who was watching TV all the time and found it was Priscilla. He let her be for a few nights... until he couldn't stand it anymore. He wandered into the living area and struck up a conversation, depite himself.

It turned into a ritual. Priscilla would wander to the living area at around midnight when everyone else had retired... and Balthazar would wander in around two. What they did differed from night to night, depending on how taxing the day had been. Typically they talked but more often than not they simply watched movies together. They started out sitting on separete couches, but eventually moved to sharing a space.During one of their conversations, Priscilla told Balthazar of her nightsmaes... so Balthazar would always stay until Priscilla fell asleep before tucking a blanket around her and going on his way.

Priscilla's nightmares stopped once Balthazar became steady in her life.

These days she's greeted many others into the Chateau... some happily others not so much. However sometime soon she will greet someone into the Chateau that she knows... but won't remember.

His name is Alexander and he is a Judge, ordained by God. He was sent to Earth and to Priscilla to watch over her. You see, Priscilla's mental issues are not entirely her fault. In fact they aren't really her fault at all. Aside from the typical excuse of imbalances in the brain, she is also living her second life on Earth.

She, of course, doesn't know this. In fact, she will probably never know. However she ran into such trouble in her first life that God took pity on her.

You see, God had given Priscilla the ability to see things. Perhaps it was the future, perhaps it was those who had passed. Whatever it was, it drove the already unbalanced woman into complete insanity. She ended up brutally killing several people before taking her own life.

She was, as all humans are, sent to be judged once her life ended. Her judge, Alexander, touched her and saw all that had happened in her life. One can't lie to a judge as they don't ask you questions. They are imbued with power, given by God, to see into your mind.

Alexander felt such pity for Priscilla. He had a very difficult time trying to decide where she was to go and eventually simply asked God for His divine assitance. Alexander had an idea, but it was one that needed approval. He wished to send Priscilla back to Earth during a different time and allow her to live again. He wanted her to have the chance to live a good life so she could be welcomed into Heaven.

God allowed this. He too felt pity for the young woman. He had given her abilities that were before her time and those abilities, coupled with the inbalances to her brain, is what caused her to create such horror. God wants to best for all his children and whats them all to have a chance all eternal happiness, so he allowed Alexander to give her another life.

Alexander sent Priscilla back to Earth with a whispered promise. He would personally make sure she did nothing to deter her from heaven.

Years have passed now, centuries in fact. Priscilla's soul is old, but she was finally reborn. Alexander has watched every step of her life making sure she did nothing out of place. Recently though he has been fearing for her sanity. Many people have showed up in her new household and many stresses have come into her life. Alexander knows who and what Balthazar actually is... as well as many of the others coming into the Chateau. Priscilla's old soul has attracted a lot of attention, even if those who were attracted aren't sure what brought them there. Alexander soon will have to greet Earth once more and watch over Priscilla in a more physical way.

Until that day though, Priscilla continues on with her days. She has no idea of all the strange things about her and wouldn't want to know anyway...


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Mar. 13th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
She's lovely! I love her dark hair and vibrant green eyes!
Mar. 13th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! ^_______^ She needs a new wig, hers is getting a little frizzed. XD Her eyes are gumdrops and I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE them! <333
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Mar. 14th, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
XD Priscilla thanks you! (don't tell anyone >.> <.< but shes my favorite >.> <.<)

Its taken a loooong time to get Priscilla to where she is. XD hehe. When I first got her, I thought she was going to be a geisha. o_o; Things certinatly have changed! lol!

And thank you again! Emilie belongs to one of my best friends, Tonya :) hehe.
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